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About Emrfx

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About EMR FX


EMR FX is a global multinational financial services company headquartered in Vanuatu, Australia, with offices in Hong Kong, LEI licenses in the United Kingdom and Europe, EMR access to the US Inland Revenue Department, and the company's use of a stable MT4 base Trading platform, EMR professional financial team, follow the high standards in the implementation of the transaction, the use of advanced order trading tools, is committed to creating the best market trading environment for investors and the best online trading experience, to become the world's outstanding foreign exchange brokerage firm . In addition, according to different customizations of different clients, the company establishes White Label, Asset Manager and affiliate programs to provide foreign exchange cooperation programs according to banks, financial institutions, brokers and private investors. According to the plan, Need to customize.

EMR FX Global Events

  1. May 2008         launched MT4 trading platform, a strong foray into the foreign exchange retail market

  2. October 2011   EMR Australian ASIC regulatory license (ASIC license number: 410316); and won the Australian Top Ten foreign exchange dealers honorary title

  3. July 2014         EMR UK & Europe Regulated, (Regulatory Number: LEI 213800XEQKP8WXXFML84)

  4. April 2017        EMR enters the Vanuatu market and smoothly obtains the Vanuatu Regulatory License (License No. 40272), which received the Gold Medal of the Year at Vanuatu as the Best Forex Dealer of the World.

  5. May 2017        EMR is IRS regulated by IRS (IRS Regulatory Number: 99999.SL.548).

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